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CNC Training Program? Here is What It Should Look Like

With intensifying competition and ever increasing requirements for quality, productivity and flexibility, demand for well-qualified employees continues to grow. This is where a training plan comes in. A well-thought out modular CNC training program can prepare employees for the specific production requirements with opportunity for targeted training. In the US, manufacturing sectors and technology industries […]

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5 Future Jobs that Could Solve the Manufacturing Skills Gap

  Smart factories are a key aspect of the fourth industrial revolution, but a factory can’t evolve into a smart factory unless its workers evolve, too. The skills gap has a lot of manufacturers wondering about what the future holds. Should employers offer more pay to entice existing talent? How can we encourage students to pursue STEM and skilled education? As if […]

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Machine Tool Recovery Continued in June

The recovery in machine tool orders continued in June with both a monthly gain and an increase from year-earlier orders, the Association for Manufacturing Technology said. June orders totaled $373.19 million, a 6.5% increase from an adjusted $350.29 million for May, McLean, VA-based AMT said in a monthly report. The June figure was also up […]

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