Machining a Large Diameter Steel Plate with Many Holes

Machining, Heat Treating and Grinding a Main Geared Drive Shaft


Copper Recycler in NE Indiana


Machining, Heat Treating and Grinding a Main Geared Drive Shaft. (Toolcraft subcontracts the geared portion out to another vendor)

Customer Requirements

Main Geared Drive Shaft was cracking and breaking at the key slot used to drive the shaft.


With our customers help, Toolcraft changed some of the specifications of the shaft. Main Geared Drive Shaft material was 4140 Steel RC 45-50. Changed material to 4140 Pre Hard Steel (RC 28-32) and Induction Harden Gear End Only to RC 45-50. Tightened up the tolerances and added radius corners in the bottom of the key slot.

Customer Value Gained

Main Geared Drive Shaft is no longer cracking and breaking at the key slot. Shaft is lasting much longer which decreased down time needed to change the shaft.

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