“Aluminum milling is easy.” Think again. Can this be deemed an industry myth? Here are solutions to troubleshoot aluminum milling problems and issues that go along with aluminum turning, drilling and boring.

Built Up Edge

Consider the Built Up Edge to be one of the biggest problems in aluminum cutting.

Simple but effective solutions to minimize the built up edge:

  • Higher cutting speed
  • PVD coatings
  • Polished edges
  • Abundant coolant
  • Non-honed tool edges

Chip Control

Long chips are common in aluminum cutting and are problematic. They harm the surface finishing and pose safety risks for the operator.

The following actions need to be taken to upgrade the chips condition:

  • Changing cutting parameters- increase depth and shorting the forward
  • Use of positive or ultra-positive tools


It is always safe to use the highest parameters possible in aluminum operations. This is not the case with other metal cutting applications.

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