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At Toolcraft, our expertise in custom fixturing stands as a cornerstone of precision manufacturing, serving highly specialized industries such as automotive and medical device production. Custom fixturing involves creating specialized tools that hold parts in place during the manufacturing process, ensuring precision, efficiency, and repeatability.

What is Custom Fixturing? Custom fixturing refers to the design and fabrication of bespoke tools that securely position and support workpieces during machining, inspection, or assembly processes. These fixtures are tailored to meet specific engineering requirements, facilitating the production of intricate and precision components.

Types of Custom Fixtures We offer a variety of fixture types, including workholding fixtures for securely holding a part during machining, and inspection fixtures that aid in the checking of parts against design specifications. Chuck jaws are also a part of our repertoire, designed to hold objects in place on machines like lathes.

Materials Used Our custom fixtures can be made from a wide range of materials, though the choice largely depends on the application. Most commonly, we use various grades of steel, chosen for their durability and machining properties. We maintain a large inventory of in-stock steel, ready for immediate use, ensuring that our turnaround times are kept to a minimum.

Applications in Industry The precision of our fixtures is crucial in industries where even a minute error can lead to significant problems. For instance, in the automotive industry, our fixtures ensure that components fit perfectly, maintaining the safety and reliability of vehicles. In the medical field, our fixtures support the production of devices that must meet stringent regulatory standards.

Our Capabilities With our advanced machinery and skilled journeymen toolmakers, we can hold dimensional tolerances as tight as +/-0.0001 inches. This level of precision is supported by our use of certified gage blocks and Brown & Sharpe Micro-Hite equipment, ensuring that each fixture is not only built to spec but also measured with utmost accuracy.

For more information on how Toolcraft can elevate your manufacturing processes with custom fixturing, visit our website and explore our capabilities. We’re here to assist with any project, providing comprehensive inspection reports and the option for fixture recalibration and modification as needed.