Digitization sounds like a word straight out of the “Tron” movies: the representation of an object or process in the virtual world so that one can simulate movement, predict actions, and provide better insight. Digitization is a growing trend in the industrial space, and the process finding its way into every corner of the factory floor.

What is Digitization?

“Digitization is set to fundamentally transform and advance the machine tool industry,” said Dr. Wolfgang Heuring, CEO of the Siemens Motion Control business unit. “By linking the digital and real worlds, we will be able to open up new, significant possibilities for boosting productivity and developing totally new business models.

“This applies both to those who build and use machines,” he continued. “And it applies just as much to small- and medium-sized enterprises as it does to the big players in the industry. Digitization is the main driver of growth and profitability in the machine tool industry, both locally and worldwide.”

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