Custom True Position & Hole Location Gages

Custom True Position & Hole
Location Gages

At Toolcraft, LLC our experienced journeymen toolmakers are capable of creating precision custom true position and hole location gages to meet demanding customer specifications. As experienced toolmakers who routinely hold dimensional tolerances on the order of +/-0.0001″, we have developed a reputation for providing precision machining of very complex parts. Customers in a wide variety of industries trust us to fabricate the custom tooling, fixtures, and gages that allow them to produce accurate, repeatable parts.

Gages can be produced from most any metal, with tool steel alloys being the most common. A large inventory of raw material is kept on hand to shorten lead times. Precision metrology instrumentation including optical comparators, certified gage blocks, and a Brown & Sharpe Micro-Hite are all used to verify dimensions. A complete inspection report is provided with every project, detailing all dimensional inspection and testing performed.

We can open most major CAD file formats and verify prints for manufacturability before fabrication. The typical lead time for a project is 4 weeks depending on complexity and
material availability, but every effort is made to
accommodate specific customer needs.

For more information about our custom true position and hole location gages, see the content below, or contact us directly.

InspectionOptical Comparators
Brown & Sharpe Micro-Hite
Toolmaker’s Micrometer
Dial Indicators
Certified Gage Blocks
Production VolumeSingle Piece Specialty Production
Low Volume
High Volume
Lead Time4 Weeks Typical

Custom True Position & Hole Location Gages Capabilities

New Gage Fabrication

True Position
Hole Location
Flush Pin
Run Out Arbors


Tool Steel
Stainless Steel
Low Carbon

Industry Focus

File Formats

Most Major CAD Formats

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