Precision Cylindrical, Surface & Jig Grinding

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For more than a half of a century, Toolcraft, LLC has been providing, “Best in quality” services and products for companies from a multitude of industries. From agriculture to automotive, we have the capabilities to meet your needs.

Precision Cylindrical, Surface & Jig Grinding

At Toolcraft, LLC we can provide cylindrical, surface and jig grinding to refine surface finishes and meet tight tolerance requirements. We can grind most metals from aluminum to hardened tool steel. Our products include precision tooling, fixturing, and gages as well as machined components used by the heavy equipment, food service, and other manufacturing industries. Critical dimensions can be verified using our Brown & Sharpe Micro-Hite, certified gage blocks, dial indicators, and toolmaker’s micrometers. Inspection reports are provided for each project.

In addition to cylindrical, surface and jig grinding, we provide design for manufacturability assistance and CNC machining. With over 50 years of experience in the precision machining industry, customers count on us to collaborate with their designers when developing tooling or parts with complex geometries. Our toolmakers, most of whom are journeymen, take pride in the quality and precision of their work. We assist customers in taking a drawing from a model to a physical product. Every effort is made to accommodate customer’s production schedules, with most projects taking approximately four weeks. For more information about our precision cylindrical, surface and jig grinding capabilities, see the table below, or contact us directly.

Precision Cylindrical, Surface & Jig Grinding Capabilities

Cylindrical Grinding
Surface Grinding
Jig Grinding

Tool Steel
Stainless Steel


Optical Comparators
Brown & Sharpe Micro-Hite
Toolmaker’s Micrometer
Dial Indicators
Certified Gage Blocks

Single Piece Specialty Production
Low Volume
High Volume

4 Weeks Typical

Industry Focus

File Formats

Most Major CAD Formats

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