Machining a Casting to Make a Flanged Inlet for Chemical Pumps

Machining a Casting to Make a Flanged Inlet for Chemical Pumps


Chemical Pumps Company in NE Indiana


Machining a casting to make a Flanged Inlet for Chemical Pumps

Customer Requirements

Customer was having trouble with delivery and quality from an existing supplier.


Toolcraft installed a dedicated Robotic Machining Cell that picks castings from a drawer and loads & unloads 2 Okuma Lathes. Each Lathe has a sub-spindle and live tooling to produce a finished part. To keep up with the demand of 650 pieces per day two lathes were required. Toolcraft is able to run approximately 700-800 parts in a 10 hour shift.

Customer Value Gained

Customer is now receiving the quality and delivery as required.

Quality Verification

Initial PPAP was required to insure the consistency and quality of the parts. Quality checks with hard gages are used in the production process.

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