Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining has become the most popular method in manufacturing precision parts. The evolution of this technology led to the creation of a new profession: the CNC machinist.

Nowadays the CNC machine operator is one of the most sought positions in the job market.  Modern machine operators are required to master old school machining techniques combined with an extensive knowledge of technical drawing and software programming.

The following list highlights the top 5 skills that a modern CNC machine operator should master to succeed at his job.

1. Attention to detail

A good operator has to be able to interpret 2D engineering drawings, visualize them in 3D and understand how to transform the drawing into a precise part by giving the right inputs to the machine.

To do so, the CNC machinist needs to have, or develop a good eye for detail and make sure that everything is set up correctly and accurately.

2. IT and math skills

In order to transform the drawing into a real object, the operator is required to use Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software. This requires a good level of IT and math skills.

3. Practical skills

A good CNC machinist is also a practical machinist. The make a CNC machine work, the operator is expected to have a good understating of how the machinery works.

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