Machining & Grinding of a Hole Location Gage for the Automotive Industry

Machining & Grinding of a Hole Location Gage – S. Carolina

As specialists in close tolerance machining, building tools that support our customers’ precision manufacturing operations is something we do every day here at Toolcraft, LLC. We manufactured the hole location gage pictured here for use in an automotive industry application.

Production of this gage highlights many of our precision machining capabilities. In addition to tightly controlled turning and milling operations to form the curves, contours, and angular features, we used multiple grinding techniques to meet the surface and tolerance requirements. In addition to surface and cylindrical grinding equipment, our jig grinder was used to meet the geometrical tolerance of +/-.0001″ and finishes as required.

Constructed from A2 steel hardened to RC58-60, this gage featured finished dimensions of 3.78″ in length, 5.28″ in width, and 0.500″ in thickness. Intensive inspection confirmed that we met the +/-.0001″ tolerance requirement. After application of a black oxide finish, we shipped it to the customer, where it enables reliable verification of hole location in their production operations.

Our ability to meet stringent engineering requirements gained us the loyalty of this customer, who relies on us for all of their tight tolerance projects.

  • CNC Turning
  • CNC Milling
  • Jig Grinding
  • Surface Grinding
  • Cylindrical Grinding
  • Lathe, Mill, Jig Grinder, Surface Grinder, Cylindrical Grinder
  • 500″ Thick x 3.78″ x 5.28″
  • .375″ Dia x ¾”
  • +/-.0001″
Material UsedA2 Steel RC 58-60
Material FinishBlack Oxide
Turnaround Time4 Weeks
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