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Summary: A Chemical Pumps Company in NE Indiana faced delivery and quality issues with their previous supplier. Toolcraft stepped in with a Robotic Machining Cell and two Okuma Lathes, ramping up production to 700-800 parts in a 10-hour shift. By incorporating quality checks, including an Initial PPAP, Toolcraft ensured the delivery of high-quality flanged inlets, meeting the company’s demands.

Industry: Chemical Pump Manufacturing
Process: Lathing, Machining, Quality Inspection
Category: Contract Manufacturing

In NE Indiana, a Chemical Pumps Company was grappling with supply challenges. Their previous supplier had issues delivering the required flanged inlets, and the quality was lacking. These inlets, crucial to the company’s pumps, had specific requirements, and the company was under pressure.

Toolcraft, LLC, recognized the urgency and provided a practical solution. They implemented a Robotic Machining Cell that efficiently handled castings for two Okuma Lathes. These lathes, equipped with a sub-spindle and live tooling, allowed for a smooth production process. With this setup, Toolcraft could produce around 700-800 parts during a 10-hour shift, comfortably exceeding the company’s daily requirement of 650 pieces.

Ensuring the quality wasn’t compromised, an Initial PPAP was conducted, and the production process incorporated regular hard gage checks. This combination of efficiency and quality control meant that the Chemical Pumps Company now had a reliable source that met both their quantity and quality expectations.