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At Toolcraft, precision is not just an expectation; it’s our standard. Our Custom True Position and Hole Location Gages exemplify this principle, crafted meticulously by our skilled journeymen toolmakers to meet even the most demanding customer specifications. These specialized gages are instrumental for industries that rely on the utmost accuracy in component fabrication, allowing for the production of parts with repeatable precision.

The foundation of our expertise lies in our ability to hold dimensional tolerances as precise as +/-0.0001″. This level of precision is crucial for industries ranging from aerospace to automotive, where even the smallest deviation can have significant ramifications. Our toolmakers utilize a variety of high-grade metals, predominantly tool steel alloys, to construct gages that are not only accurate but durable.

To ensure the reliability of our gages, we employ advanced metrology instruments, including optical comparators and the Brown & Sharpe Micro-Hite, alongside certified gage blocks. Every gage undergoes a comprehensive inspection, with a detailed report provided to confirm all dimensions and tests conducted.

For more detailed information about our custom solutions, visit our website: Custom True Position & Hole Location Gages.