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1. What are the specifications of milling machine?.

The table length and width, Maximum longitudinal cross and vertical travel of the table, number of spindle speeds and feeds, Power of driving motor, Floor space and net weight.

2. Classify milling machine.

1. Column and knees type
a. plain milling machine,
b.Vertical milling machine,
c. Universal milling machine,
d. Ram- type milling machine,
e. Omniversal milling machine.

2. Bed-Type milling machine –
a. simplex milling machine
b. duplex milling machine
c. Triplex milling machine.

3. Plano-type milling machine.

4. Special purpose milling machine –
a. Rotary table milling machine
b. Drum milling machine
c. Profile milling machine.

3. List the principle parts of horizontal or plain milling machine.

Base, column, knee, saddle, table, overarm and arbor.

4. How omniversal milling machine differs from universal milling machine?.

This is a modified form of a plain milling machine. It is provided with two spindles, one of which is in the horizontal plane while the other is carried by a universal swiveling head.

5. Classify bed type milling machine.

Simplex, duplex and triplex machine.

6. What are the various types of special purpose milling machines?.

Rotary table or continuous milling machine, Drum type milling machine Profile or contour milling machine.

7. List the various types of milling attachments.

Vertical milling attachment, universal milling attachment, High speed milling attachment, Rotary attachment, slotting attachment, Rack milling attachment, Universal spiral milling machine.

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