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Horizontal milling machine:

    • In this machine Cutting tool is in Horizontal position.
    • Work piece is parallel to rotating spindle.
    • It has a vertical column. which supports ram, motor, and arbor.
    • In this machine table can move in longitudinal, vertical, and cross.
    • This is used in manufacturing operations.
    • It required more floor space compared to vertical.
    • This machine is more costly compared to vertical.
    • This can produce a refined surface finish.
    • This is highly used for complex things.
    • This is used for slots making, grooves, threaded mounting holes etc.

    Vertical Milling machine:

    • The spindle in it is a vertical position.
    • Work piece is in perpendicular with the spindle.
    • It has a vertical column. which carry head and sideways.
    • This can be moved in upward, downward, and can be swiveled to any angle.
    • This is less in cost compared to horizontal.
    • In this surface finish is not as smooth as horizontal.
    • It required less floor space than horizontal.
    • This is used to machine grooves, flat surfaces etc.
    • This is used for machining large metal plates.

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