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As reported in the article “Fabrication Of Combine Drilling and Tapping Machine – Mechanical Project” by [Author Name] on LearnMech, the world of mechanical work frequently revolves around the tasks of tapping and drilling. Past research efforts have primarily honed in on variations in cutting forces, drill and tap wear, and the design of drill and tap tools. However, recent techniques have ushered in a novel performance test system for tapping and drilling, specifically designed for computer numerical control (CNC) machine tools.

The ultimate goal of mass production in this context is twofold: to enhance productivity and boost precision. Achieving this involves minimizing setup costs and reducing manual fatigue. Traditionally, many have relied on trial and error methods to align the axis of the hole precisely with the axis of the drill. Unfortunately, this often leads to a significant waste of time and an increase in operator fatigue. The primary objective here is to firmly locate, secure, and support the workpiece, facilitating the required drilling and tapping operations.

Innovative machine tackles these challenges by combining drilling and tapping operations, thanks to a speed reduction gearbox. Drilling necessitates high RPM, while tapping requires low RPM for the efficient execution of drilling and internal thread operations. To achieve this, a collet is mounted vertically on the motor’s shaft, and the gearbox adjusts the speed as needed for each operation.

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