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What is Jigs?
Jigs is a device used to control the tool and placed in a required path. Jigs can operate more than one tool at a time to work on the same machining piece. In this type of system, the cutting tool gets direct contact with it. Jigs are used to operate different types of operations like Drilling, Reaming, Tapping etc. This device is used to manufacture a large number of products with high accuracy and increases in production rate. Jigs are also used in industries to increase the Production, Quality, Accuracy etc. By this device used in Manufacturing Industries reduces the non-production time.

Jigs play an important role in large production like, Saving time in operations, reduces production cost.

The fixture is a device used to hold the work. This device also places the work piece with respect to the tool action. In this type of system, the cutting tool does not get direct contact with it.

The fixture is used in different operations like Welding, Turning, Boring, Grinding etc. This is also used in Inspection, Assembly. by this, the quality can be identified and High accuracy can obtain.

Fixtures are also used in many Industries, manufacturing plants to increase the production rate and helps in a Large amount of production. This can also save time, maintained high quality and accurate in machining the product.

Advantages of Jigs & Fixtures:

  • This is used to increase a large amount of production.
  • This is safe in production.
  • High accuracy is possible.
  • Time-saving is more, in a large amount of production.
  • Complex work can be done by this.
  • Overall Manufacturing cost can be reduced.

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