Victor machine tools have a reputation for build quality and stability, and on Stand 619 in Hall 19 from the 4th to the 8th April 2022, visitors to the Mach exhibition will witness first hand the advantages of these tools. The Victor range is diverse, catering for all segments of the industry with everything from small to large machine tools with simple or complex machining solutions that can be tailored to the needs of the user.

At the Birmingham NEC, the GM Group will be giving show visitors a taste of this diversity with the high-performance Vcenter AX380 5-axis machining centre appearing alongside the compact and automated Vturn NP20 turning centre with the Easy Way articulated robot loading/unloading system and also the Vturn A26-85YCM twin spindle turning centre with Y-axis milling on the tooling turret.

For manufacturers looking for a new high-performance machining centre that is built for productivity and precision on a rigid platform that delivers lifelong performance, GM is inviting engineers to take a closer look at the Vcenter AX380 5-axis machining centre. The Vcenter AX380 offers a high degree of flexibility, incorporating an A+C-axis trunnion type rotary table that is 380 mm diameter and can facilitate 5-axis machining of sizeable parts up to 200 kg thanks to its 700 by 500 by 540 mm X, Y and Z-axis travel. For manufacturers looking for a solution to machine larger components, the Vcenter Series is also available with the larger AX630 and AX800 variants.

The Vcenter AX380 has rigidity and precision incorporated into every aspect of the machine, something that is characterised by the trunnion type tilting A+C-axis table that has a built-in backlash-free roller cam mechanism that is seated on the machine base to maximise rigidity. The A-axis can rotate at up to 33 rpm with 2452 Nm of torque whereas the C-axis rotation is capable of 40 rpm at 2158 Nm.

The compact powerhouse is supplied as standard with the powerful Fanuc 0i-MF CNC control unit that drives the tools around the work envelope with high precision and speed. Built to gallop around this work area is a high-speed 12,000 rpm (15,000 rpm optional) spindle with the renowned BIG Plus BBT-40 interface that increases tool clamping rigidity. Powering the high-speed spindle is a continuous 11/15/18.5 kW spindle motor that generates exceptional levels of torque for heavy-duty cutting of challenging materials with impressive material removal rates.

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