Large machine tools are a large investment. Fortunately for Neuman & Esser (NEA), the benefits it gained from Starrag’s Droop+Rein proved equally sizable.

“The Droop+Rein is one of our best workhorses in the stable,” says Alexander Peters, NEA managing partner. “We are very satisfied with this machine tool, its performance and the service provided by the manufacturer.”

machining center with adjustable crossbeam and movable clamping table. The Droop+Rein T 30 40 DT R50 C is currently the largest machine tool investment in the history of the NEA Group, and it has proven itself in the machining of demanding components such as those for piston compressors in compressor systems that handle technical process gases as well as for pendulum-mill housings in crushing technology.

“We have had the portal machining center in continuous operation since 2011,” says Simon Prell, NEA manager of mechanical production. “We mainly use it to machine crankcases and spacers as part of three-shift operation. These parts stop gas from escaping the cylinder into the crankcase and oil from moving into the cylinder from there.”

NEA also uses the machine tool to produce cast components for pulverizers. This usually entails complete machining, which can be performed with or without coolant, depending on the workpiece. Minimum-quantity lubrication, however, is not required owing to the high-strength materials such as iron and steel alloys with a high nickel or chromium content.

According to the company, the Droop+Rein was well received, even during the commissioning phase eight years ago. In fact, the company says it was one of the smoothest introductions it has ever experienced, despite involving switching to a completely new form of machining.

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