Toolcraft made a leap from manual machining and basic CNC technology to a sophisticated turning cell and has not looked back. It’s been a customer driven transition.

So much of the work that a metalworking shop does is application dependent. For shops, the customer calls the tune, contracting jobs based on capability, capacity, past performance and the promise of future performance. A track record of doing what you say you’re going to do seems to be the common denominator for success. Price is important, but reliable performance over time increasingly is a more important metric as is a willingness to keep up technologically.

Toolcraft, LLC in Fort Wayne, Indiana, built its metalworking business because of its historical performance for its customers. As Toolcraft becomes more familiar with the capabilities of its lathes, and the CNC vertical machining center recently installed, the odds are good that more work will move across these machines. With the cell operating one shift, and with Gosiger’s resources at hand, this cell can be tooled for virtually any new or old job Toolcraft chooses to produce.

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